The French student's head has grown from an allergic reaction to a PPD hair dye

  • A French student named Estelle suffered a heavy reaction to a paraffinyl-diamine (PPD) dye.
  • The 19-year-old woke up when she found that her head had increased three inches overnight after her hair was dying from blond to brown.
  • She was treated in the hospital, where doctors said that PPD responses were quite common.

A French college student says her head lit up massively after having suffered a severe allergic reaction to her hair dye.

Estelle, 19, told Le Parisien that the reaction took place two weeks ago when she wanted to change from a blonde to a brunette with a paraffinyl-diamine (PPD) dye.

But in the hours and days after the application of the hair dye, her scalp began to swollen and then began to swell her head.

Rash came after her pharmacist told her to take antihistamines and cream to stop itching.

She woke up the next morning when she found her head's perimeter increased to 25 centimeters (63 centimeters) – the average is 22 centimeters (56 centimeters) in diameter.

"My forehead has doubled," said Estelle, who did not publish his last name. "My head was like a bulb."

When she saw how big Estelle's head was, her mother took her to the emergency room, where doctors said the reactions to PPDs were fairly common, although they were not as bad as Estelle.

According to Newsweek, PPD is found in 90% of hair dyes, but the concentration of chemicals is regulated from 2013 onwards.

The doctors gave Estelle and the adrenaline a shot and watched overnight to make sure the swelling fell.

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For Estelle, this experience was scary.

"Before you arrive at the hospital, you just do not know how long it will take before you suffocate if you have time to go to the hospital or not," Le Parisien said.

According to the National Health Service in the UK, hair dyes with PPD are safe in them if the safety instructions are followed.

The organization recommends testing the patches to make sure there are no serious reactions before using the hair.

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