The Google Now assistant will get the "Pretty Please" feature and more

After family-friendly updates, Google has added new features to Asistent, including a long-awaited "Pretty Please" mode.

Initially announced on Google I / O 2018, Pretty Please is starting to expand on an Assistant-supported device. It should work for all voice users with smart speakers, displays and phones.

If you include polite phrases like "please" and "thank you" in your queries, the assistant will respond in kind and thank you for being polite.

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You can also create a list of assistant gifts. By using phrases such as "Hey Google, Creating a Gift List" or "Adding Opera Tickets to My Gift List," users can easily create and manage lists. This also works for shopping lists and other lists.

In addition, the Blog Blog has confirmed that Google is working to add support for third-party applications, including, Bring! and Todoist. Recent Google teardowns have revealed that the company is working to add this feature.

As previously announced, users will also be able to talk to Santa. Simply say "Hey Google, Call Santa" and sit back as the fun begins. Google will dial the North Pole and help Santa make a Christmas jingle.

Finally, the assistant gains new features for reading and singing. You can ask the assistant to read your story, including classic holidays such as Disney's "Mickey Christmas Card" and more.

Alternatively, if you have a Play Music subscription service and a smart assistant display, you can see synced lyrics on the screen.

Finally, smart display owners will get other nice features, including support for Nest Hello audio bells, news broadcasting and Google photo sharing.

These features appear to be part of a server-side update update. Some of them may not work right away. In my case, the call to Santa worked but the creation of a guide to the gift did not. Besides, the Assistant did not seem to wonder if I was polite or not.

Source: Google Via: The Verge, Android Police

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