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The new tattoo of Japanese "7 rings" Ariana Grande is actually transformed into "carbon grills"

Ariana Grande got a Japanese tattoo … but the fans point out that it was poorly translated.

The singer had the Kanji characters "七 輪" impregnated with her hand, thinking that it meant "seven rings" and wanted to celebrate her last single "7 rings".

Individually these two characters actually mean "seven" and "ring" / "round". Unfortunately, they actually switch to "shichirin" – a small charcoal grill.

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The mistake came when Ariana cut off the originally designed tattoo, cut the "つ の 指" characters (and thus changed her meaning) when she struggled with pain.

She explained in the tweaked tweets now, "I really missed the" つ の 指 "that should go between them. It hurt to look like a f ** k still looks tight.

"I would not want another lmao symbol, but this place is also robbing of the tone and it will not take it if I miss it, I will suffer the whole thing next time."

In fact, the promotion and music video for the "7 rings" (which brought about a dispute over the appropriation of Japanese and black cultures) uses the correct Japanese Kanji translation "七 つ の 指 輪".

Music video Ariane Grande & # 39; 7 Rings & # 39;

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Earlier this month Ariana shared a picture of another tattoo she had made from the Pokémon. At that time she also revealed she was obsessed Pokémon: Let's go! on her Nintendo Switch.

"Yesterday, I had a free day and I played a pokemon, we're going to fifteen." Honestly, "she wrote.

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