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The Panasonic HomeHawk Ceiling Lamp has a built-in hidden camera

Panasonic is looking for a new HomeHawk floor lamp with a built-in camera. The product is billed as an alternative to existing indoor home security cameras, which mix with decoration and do not require assembly. The lamp offers the same amount of security features as many competing models, but with the additional advantage of being virtually invisible.

Internal security cameras are a popular way of keeping cards on their children or pets, as well as monitoring security issues and collecting records that could be useful for insurance claims. The disadvantage of these cameras is their apparent appearance as … camera. Guests may feel uncomfortable with a visible camera nearby, mounting can damage the wall, and no matter if it is usually a unsightly cable that needs to be plugged in.

These are all points Panasonic highlights the benefits of HomeHawk Floor, stylish, modern-looking lamps and a small camera lens that peaks out. The lens is positioned with an ideal height and angle for home monitoring, according to the company and also doubles as a light source.

HomeHawk Floor supports high definition video recording, motion detection, colorful night vision and integration with popular assistants. Because the camera is built into the lamp, a single power cord is inserted from the socket and slides into the wall. Buyers can choose 2ft, 4ft and 6ft lamps.

Assuming that the house for some reason loses energy, the camera will work for up to 1.5 hours to back up the batteries. Users can plan and control light using a phone or voice assistant, there is a 140-degree wide-screen camera and videos are stored on the microSD card.

Panasonic is currently looking for funds for HomeHawk Floor at Indiegogo, where it offers the $ 165 USD premium version. Shipment shippers are expected to begin shipping in May.

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