The Weeknd reveals that the new album will be "coming soon", Entertainment News

The Weeknd revealed that his new album is "early".

A 28-year-old singer may have released this year's six-member EP, "My Dear Melancholy," but has plans to watch the "Starboy" records in 2016.

When he talked to his fans during a show in his hometown of Toronto this week, a Canadian star said, "I want to let you know that you have been in Toronto for the last two days … I have not been inspired for years to tell you.

"I want you to be the first to know I'm working on my new album now." Chapter 6 "Soon, let's go!"

Later, Twitter added fuel to the fire and indicated that it had something special.

On tweeted: "Some chapters are smaller than others, not this one, although … (sic)"

The Weeknd was bound to be busy when a new LP appeared because he had previously revealed he had dropped the "beautiful" and "exciting" collection before revealing his EP earlier this year.

He explained: "Before" melancholy "I had the whole album written, done that was not melancholic at all because it was another time in my life …

"It was very optimistic – it was beautiful … I do not want to do something I do not feel."

The musical accompaniment of the week brought him several famous fans, and Barbra Streisand admitted that her songs "Do not Lie To Me" and "The Rain Will Fall" were inspired by his "Starboy" song.

At the first hearing, he said, "It must have been some appreciation … I did not know what the hell he was saying, but the atmosphere was great.

"I loved the sound of music – a sample of it. I thought," That's really cool. ""

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