Thousands of people who do not have strong strength after strong snow, strong wind bombs the Atlantic

Thousands of households are still living in the dark after the main snow storm has swept through Canada in the Atlantic, which has forced several schools and hotbeds on Friday.

The main snow storm, which developed on the eastern coast of Canada on Thursday, came with a high wind and wet, heavy snow that brought several nets across the area throughout the day.

The power outage culminated on Thursday with more than 300,000 customers – with nearly 250,000 Nova Scotia Power customers. This figure has since fallen to about 11,000 in the province.

Combination of strong wind and wet snow brought electrical poles. (Brian Higgins / CBC)

The remaining outages are concentrated in the northern and northeast Nova Scotia, most of them in Amherst, Stellarton and Tatamagouche.

The company says it will update the recovery time throughout the day.

"The proposals were particularly challenging in the northeastern part of the province, where crews deal with trees that touch electrical wires and wires," said Sean Borden, head of the Nova Scotia Power storm.

Dropouts persist in P.E.I.

In 1995 there were downtime outages of 80,000 for Maritime Electric with all 7,000 Summerside Electric customers. On Friday morning, more than 5,000 customers of marine power plants were still affected by outages.

Crews outside the province are helping to recover energy, and cleaning says the cleaning will continue.

"We are still in a big thunderstorm rebuilding regime for us to clean up in days and weeks," said Kim Griffin, a spokesman for Maritime Electric.

In addition, the underwater cable connection that connects the network to New Brunswick separates electricity from the mainland.

In New Brunswick, more than 6,000 NB Power customers are still without electricity. At the peak of the storm, NB Power, about 46,000 customers were without electricity after 80 km of wind in the province.

Most of the customers still affected are in Kent, where nearly 3,000 households are down.

Marc Belliveau, a spokesman for NB Power, said more than 90 crews renewed power across provinces. It is expected that the force will be restored to residents sometime on Friday.

Meanwhile, Belliveau asks customers to keep away from falling lines or trees on wires and homes that have no right to disconnect items.

"This cold loading of luggage causes repeated outages when we renew energy and slow down our progress," he said.

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