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Twitter Confused Over Trump Revealed "LGBTQ for Trump" T-Shirts for Pride Month

The Pride Month is only a few days away and there will be no shortage of LGBTQ-positive clothing on the display. But one particular Pride shirt that sent a shock wave through Twitter Thursday: The official "LGBTQ for Trump" t-shirts from the Trump-Pence campaign.

Critics of the Trump administration were quickly calling it what they saw as hypocrisy on the part of the president.

"Trump – who banned trans-troops is against LGBT employee protection, wants PPL to divert LGBT customers, and denies citizenship to American gay couples born out of marriage – sells LGBTQ for Trump T-shirts for Pride," tweeted.

"Seriously, who would wear it in their right minds," asked Twitter user @ MarkGarrison1.

The shirt, described as an "exclusive tee", is available in sizes from S to 3XL for $ 24.

On the way to the Trump campaign, he promised to fight for the LGBTQ community. In July 2016, Trump, a candidate, told supporters representatives that as president "he will do all I can to protect our LGBTQ citizens from violence and oppression of hateful foreign ideology" [Islamic radicals]. "

Real Estate Tycoon tried to convince the crowd that he would do more to protect this community's rights than Hillary Clinton, and she said Washington Post that "people are people to me and everyone should be protected".

But as soon as Trump entered office, his administration removed information about LGBT rights from the White House website, ended some protection for transgender pupils, and banned transgender people serving in the military. The White House Trump ignored World AIDS Day and his budget suggested cuts to funding AIDS and HIV research. Recently, Trump's administrative proposal could allow federally funded homeless shelters to deny transgender services to individuals.

"This is a ruthless attack on some of the most vulnerable people in our society," said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transsexual Equality. The savings for transsexuals, especially youths rejected by their families, and the lack of stable housing stimulate violence and abuse that takes the life of many transgender people across the country.

"When shelters are allowed to transform transgender people – a policy that is approved by the government that continues to push lies, that the mere existence of trans people is threatening the privacy and security of others – deadly violence against the trans community will grow," said Ian Thompson, head trade union legislative representative.

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