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What if Superman was a horror story? – / Movie

Brightburn Trailer

BrightBurn is an incredibly well-kept secret for months. We've known for a long time James Gunn produced a movie and merged with his Slither star Elizabeth Banks, the details of the drawings were kept under a tight lock and key. We did not even know the official title until recently. Now BrightBurn trailer is here, offers us our first real shots of David Yarovesky– Focused horror. look at BrightBurn trailer below.

BrightBurn Trailer

BrightBurn has a bit of uneven ride. Producer James Gunn was delighted with the project in July, and in July he had to announce the Hall in the SDCC.

Of course, we all know it did not happen. Before the Hall H panel arrived, Gunn was shot by Disney Rangers of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to some offensive tweets from his past comes to light. The Halla H panel was soon canceled, so the dark project remains untitled. In spite of Gunn's situation, Sony still intends to relax BrightBurn, although a little delay of release. Now there is the first trailer.

BrightBurn star Elizabeth Banks, Meredith Hanger, David Denman, Matt Jones, Gregory Alan Williams, Jennifer Holland and others, with a script from Brian A & Mark Gunn. David Yarovsky, a frequent associate of Gunn, controls while Gunn and The H Collective produce. Bank casting connects her with James Gunn, who directs herself in a horror film about cult Slither.

"Elizabeth and I have been on the same artistic side since we met for the first time when we went to Slitter in 2005," Gunn said when Banks was busy. "Since then she has been one of my best friends in the world, and I've been fighting tooth and nail to work with her again. She's a perfect partner for Yarvo, H Collective and me in creating this very special project."

BrightBurn theater hits May 24, 2019.

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