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Why Los Angeles Rams wins the Super Bowl LIII

This is the first Super Bowl of Los Angeles Rams since 2001 and many people do not give a chance to get a chance.

Jared Goff is the fourth youngest starting quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl. Sean McVay, 33, is the youngest coach in Super Bowl history. In fact, Tom Brady is eight years older than McVay.

But despite the huge difference in experience, there are serious reasons why young Rams should take seriously.

Ramsi is looking for a second Super Bowl win in the history of franchising, the first one also comes in Atlanta in 2000. Here's why you should not bet against the team taking second place in the same city.

Defensive front four
Tom Brady could be the greatest of all time, but the best player in Sunday's game will be Aaron Donald.

Brady lost in the Super Bowl twice against the New York Giants due to pressure in the middle, and is 1-3 in the Super Bowls when hit eight or more times. Led by Donald, the Rams have talent at their head of four to cause similar problems for No. 12.

None of the co-ordinators continue to fight Brady better than the defense coordinator Rams Wade Phillips. In 2015, the AFC Championship, Denver Broncos – under Phillips' leadership – has been given to Brady, like no one else since he was cast four times and hit him enormously. And Phillips played Belichick and Brady historically hard: the last three times Phillips stood against the Patriots, his defensive force gave up on average 19 points.

But it is not just the ability of L.A. to become a proctor who will have a decisive factor on Sunday because the Rams have given up just 98 yards that have yet to be played in the playoffs.

Aqib Talib
Donald is the best defender of the Rams, but Aqib Talib is probably the most valuable. Of the $ 221 million that Rams spent out of season, no acquisition provided a better ROI than the Talib.

Veteran cornerback missed week 4 to 12 with ankle injury, but is back on the play-play field and plays well, which should change as we perceive the defense of Rams. With Talib, the team of L.A. gave up 18.3 points for the game, 312.4 balances for the game, 209.9 balls per game, the ratio of 11-13 TD to capture and 78.4 opponent. Without the Talib, the Rams moved up to 30.8 points per game, a total of 401.3 yards per game, 272.6 miles per game, 23.6 TD capture, and 111.6 opponents.

The 32-year-old scheme of New England is well-known after practicing as a former Patriot member every day. Talib could return to the former big-game team, but even without playing in the game, he changes his ability to play a slit and blanket, from fixed ends to No. 1 receivers, raises the ceiling of the Rams defense and gives Phillips Flexibility as a defensive player.

Todd Gurley
The disappearance of Todd Gurley was greatly exaggerated.

From 2015, Gurley leads the League with 46 fast landing lines. In this season, including a play-off, Gurley has 1,376 yards hurry, an average of five yards to carry and rumbled for 19 swing TDs. Rams are 11-0 when Gurley gets this 15-plus season. And it was not long before Ramsi got to the Dallas Cowboys club when they reached the 273-meter Divisional Roundup.

With the number of weeks after the NFC's home game in which he barely touched the ball, Gurley rested. Everything he has heard over the past two weeks is how he played badly. He's ready to be an angry runner on Sunday.

Rams is likely to be launched early and often with the Lombard Trophy in their grasp.

To defeat Patriots, you can not be defeated. Just ask Dee Ford and Kansas City Chiefs.

Rams are the least penalized team in the NFL this season. It's not often Belichick faces a team that is more disciplined than the coach.

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