Why the royal family does not open Christmas gifts

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On December 25, people around the world celebrate Christmas with their family traditions. Each family makes the holiday season a bit different and many traditions are passed down by countless generations.

The royal family is no exception to the rule. They also celebrate their holidays much like the rest of the world … of course with a few exceptions. Many people are curious about why the royal family does not open their gifts for Christmas.

Why the royal family does not open Christmas gifts

The royal family exchanges their gifts on Christmas Eve in tea time, instead of Christmas morning. This royal family tradition began with King George (the father of Queen Elizabeth II), who is of German descent. In Germany, gifts are open on Christmas Eve.

Where does the royal family celebrate Christmas?

The royal family celebrates Christmas at Queen's Residence in Sandringham. The Queen will come before the rest of the family (December 19 or 20) to oversee preparation. The rest of the royal family arrives in the morning or early in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. These include the children, grandchildren and grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth, as well as extended family members.

What does the royal family do on Christmas Eve?

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Besides the exchange of gifts, the royal family organizes a Saturday dinner. He has long insisted that holidays are a time when the royal family could be together without the burden of the world (or the United Kingdom, anyway) on the shoulders.

What does the royal family do for Christmas?

The Christmas day is busy with the royal family. After a hearty breakfast she goes to the church service in St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham. After leaving the service, they return home to a traditional feast.

The Queen Elizabeth II. Gives annually a Christmas message to all Britain and the Commonwealth Kingdoms, which are broadcast over the television. The rest of the royal family watches as she gives her speech. In the evening, everyone will enjoy buffet meals before leaving for the night.

What a royal family eat for Christmas food?

Sources say that the royal family always had the same Christmas food if anyone remembered it. It will never change. Shrimp or lobster salad is paired with roasted turkey, parsley, sprouts and carrots. Christmas pudding with butter butter is served on dessert.

What other years does the royal family have?

Queen Elizabeth and her prey The Queen Elizabeth II. And her Royal Family via Facebook

Queen and her husband traditionally send over 750 Christmas cards and also buy special Christmas pudding for all members of their household (which is the number of hundreds). The card contains a family photo we like to embrace the beloved (and adorable) corgis of Queen Elizabeth II.

Gifts are given to the Queen to various charity organizations around Sandringham, and she also distributes several Christmas trees. It is also an era when all royal parents show their appreciation to those who serve them for the rest of the year.

What's different this year?

Although the royal family (and Queen Elizabeth in particular) do not usually get rid of the tradition, this year it promises to be a bit different. Despite the strict "family-only" policy on private holidays, it is a fact that the Queen extended the invitation to Meghana Markle's mother, Doria Ragland.

Surprisingly, Kate Middleton could not participate in front of her, and Prince William was officially married. Last year, when she was only engaged to Prince Harry, Markle was invited – and so the tradition was interrupted once more.

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