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Winners and defeats of the Champions League


Marouane Fellaini
Jose Mourinho was a quick assault when Manchester United qualified for the elimination podium, pointing out that he had participated 14 times in the group stages of the Champions League, and managed to do everything.

The manager is payment lines – "Just a little curiosity that all of my lovers will notice" – she thought she was trying to crop social media that just let everyone think you were bitter. Manchester United made H heavyweight, but it should be no surprise when they ended up with the Young Boys and the Valencia team who won three of their 13 La Liga matches this season.

Instead, we praise Fellaini, who is a true Manchester United architect. Two of the three group victories were inspired by the Fellaini-inspired massacre. He panicked Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini in Turin, and recorded the winner of a time-out against the Young Boys. It could be the only midfielder or striker Manchester United.

Fellaini is so decisive for United's sad accusations of club performance. Supporters would rather see Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez dominate on their bocks and set a chance for Romulus Lukak to finish, Paul Pogba as a creative power from the center.

But the need must be, and that should not exacerbate Fellaini's contributions. It can be embarrassing, but it causes panic. It may be worrying that Plan B is often a Plan A, as United is in the attack more and more slowly, but the plan often works. They may be sad that they need to save them at home from the worst team in the group but save them.

Manchester United
The bar was just as low, they cleaned it up. Just about.

Paris Saint-Germain, finally adds
It is their financial dominant position in Ligue Un, PSG will only be judged on their European performance. Last year they played eight Champions League matches and won only two, against Celtic and Crven Zvezda. Six matches against Naples, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid caused four losses and two draws.

So it felt like a victory for the Thomas Tuchel team who overcame the finals in the last 30 minutes last season. This was the mirror of the style used by Liverpool last season in Kloppa, which soon brought the match away from their opponents.

Marco Verratti is a brilliantly generous midfielder if he should be sent. Thiago Silva is a defensive leader. Angel Di Maria is much better than the ghost player we were in the Premier League. Juan Bernat is an excellent leftist back. Marquinhos played a good game on defense.

But in fact it's all about the top three. Among them, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani have recorded 126 times since the start of last season in all PSG races. They have skills, speed and performance that make them a perfect assault unit. Continue shooting as it did on Wednesday, and PSG really can win this thing.

Champions League. If Tottenham has not yet been totally impossible to reach the Champions League defeat with two remaining matches, it is very unlikely to cover. The first minimum requirement was to beat Inter with two clear goals or 1-0, and so they moved to the heads-to-head before the Italians. The second half of the task is getting harder: Interse in its weakest game in the group (PSV home) in Tottenham is the hardest, away in Barcelona for fourteen days. But there is still a chance.

Equally important is the fact that victory over Interm maintains a brilliant run of Tottenham. They won six direct matches in all competitions because they lost at home to Manchester City. If they had suffered a break from the Champions League, the morale would be violent before a derby in northern London. Now Mauricio Pochettino led to wins in the first two games of the massive eight-day period. On Sunday, avoid winning the Emirates tournament and it will be another great week for the top six executive.

Mauricio Pochettino …
… and the plan you played pure perfection.

Moussa Sissoko
As I left Wembley toward the endless front to Wembley Park, chanting and spreading like mad fires began in a way that tended to be when a large group of supporters was pleased with what they had just seen. "Wake me up before you go, go who needs Bale when you have Sissoko?" They sang. It's been a long time since this strange child was heard.

Of course, the lyrics are not meant to be quite serious, but it embodies Sissoko redemption in Tottenham. If Saturday brought praise for her job as a destroyer, it was driving forward into the penalty area that helped Tottenham winners on Wednesday. A righteous bloody young man.

David de Gea
Stop the clock and pull the phones out of the hook. Turn off all forms of communication to the outside world. Put David de Gea in the dimly lit room and lock the door. Read his poetry, play loving songs and add so many numbers to a large number until he agrees to stay.

De Gea was not the best this season, which means he plays like most of the best goalkeepers. His Premier League deposit rate is only 67.6%, 16th in the division. This reflects both Manchester United to allow his opponents a clear chance, and his own form that does not entirely match previous brilliance.

But in the big moments of big games, De Gea is easily the most reliable savior of United. Later rescue from Ulises Garcia's defensive shot was extraordinary. De Gea has the ability to respond to a moving ball, as if he witnessed that life is beneficial to others.

"I know he's happy here, I know he wants to stay, and I know the board works to make it happen," Mourinho said after the game. If all three of these statements are true, US supporters can at least feel confident about one of their elements an uncertain future.

Jose Mourinho

Without a word.

Real Madrid
He's troubled at home, but again at the Champions League. Nothing means Real Madrid could forget his La Liga game when he played in Europe as if he had lost Eibar for the first time in history than last season's semi-finalists in Stadio Olimpico retreated on Tuesday.

Real confirmed his position at the top of the G group with the game he saved. It happened again.

It might sound patronizing to praise any team they should draw at home, especially when the team is the second best in the group. But it should not be. Lyon sits 15 points behind Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue Un, but tested Manchester City, just like no other non-English club has managed since March 2017 in Monaco. Maybe the French football has a certain depth.

Maxwell Cornet was Lyon star against the city, with three goals in both games, but the whole team deserves praise. No team this season made the City seem unpleasant to implement Pepa Guardiola's plan, but it largely stems from the courage of Bruno Genésia when he left at least two or three players ahead when City attacked. If it reduces the game of organized chaos, where both teams turn to attack, it's the best you can hope for against the city in this form.

Lyon's Vice President of the Future
What time is it for Houss Aouar and Tanguy Ndombele to fight their team against a team that might soon be looking to replace their aging field.

Memphis Depay
He created six chances against the city on Tuesday 90 minutes. The whole team of Manchester had four against this same rival. I'm just saying.

Mario Mandzukic
Cristiano Ronaldo is a superstar and Paulo Dybala is amazed, but do not forget the old Mario. Mandzukic played in Serie A for more than 1,000 minutes, and the Champions League combined this league but has six league goals and on Tuesday won the winner to take the lead in Juventus. Ignore it at your own risk.

To the elimination stages of the Champions League for the first time since 2006, when they finished behind Arsenál and ahead of them only FC Thun and Sparta Praha in a gorgeous group. No team in the competition allowed less goals and the eight teams that started in Athens were 22 or less. For those of us a certain age, we have a wonderful nostalgia in the Ajax team.

Robert Lewandowski
His two goals on Tuesday defeated Lewandowski for Thierry Henry and sixth in the nationwide list of European Cup holders. Obviously, the list is currently weighted by adding group phases to the current format, but it is still a wonderful record. Plan your career accordingly, and Lewandowski can only leave behind Cristian Ronald and Lionel Messi on this list.

Arjen Robben
The year is 2058 and the world is a desert. The last remaining people will survive victory in running battles against the giant cockroaches who long for the land. They can be destroyed only by being placed in incinerators, which then spill toxic residues deep into the ground.

One morning Arjen is on a patrol shift somewhere in the eternal desert that was formerly Central Europe. After 40 minutes of his regular route, Arjen captures the antennae from the rock. The sword, usually such an inventive animal, was exposed. He will pay for this mistake.

Arjen immediately gets to work. It runs on the opposite side of a large rock, surprises the cockroach, kicks its prey from behind, and sends it up a few meters in front of her. Arjen pauses for a moment and moves from one foot to the other to surprise him.

Twenty meters away is the incinerator, a small hatch open and waiting for any van. Arjen does not dare pick up the cockroach. He had never liked to approach such a thing before it was necessary. He has seen too many scars on too many faces.

Instead, Arjen performs his party trick. Dive into one side and whisk the cockroach to the side of your left foot to drive the incinerator around another boulder. When the animal begins to mix, Arjen knows he has a chance. The cockroach strikes in the left leg, sends it to the air and the flap of the combustion device.

Arjen immediately encounters a celebration, as always. The rest of the nomadic tribe believed he only celebrated his target and ridden another toxic animal, but Arjen knew otherwise. He celebrated success; he cared for the past, when this left foot brought him glory and glory that have become nothing. That trusting left leg never left him. It would never be.

Yeah Yeah, Robben scored twice against Benfica. You already know what the targets looked like.


So far there is no disaster, but last year's finalists are teetering at the edge of elimination. Most likely, Jurgen Klopp must defeat Napoli with two clear targets at home to reach the last 16. Her fate is still within reach, but it is a big question.

When he woke up on Thursday morning, Klopp had to think about how his team got into such a tournament when he defeated the PSG in Anfield in their first group. The answer lies in three scenes ranging in quality from furious to slightly less furious and three defeats in the first round of the Champions League group.

Add a semifinal to the second stage and final in last season and Liverpool has now lost five consecutive matches in the Champions League of Anfield. Obviously, this is a problem, and it consists of passivity in the central center and individual defensive mistakes.

Klopp predicted performance in Paris. He warned his Liverpool team that they had to be prepared to play ugly and they proved unable to do so. PSG was guilty some outrageous games to reach the second half, but to gain office as they were too skilful for Liverpool.

If you lose one of the richest clubs in the world, it's embarrassing, there's a problem with losing to Belgrade and Naples. For the first time for a long time, Klopp is under pressure. On Sunday, the Merseyside derby in Anfield will not manage and will fight to ensure that the great goals for this season will not fall apart before Christmas.

Jordan Henderson
On Saturday he was sent and humiliated on Wednesday, not a good week for Captain Liverpool. When he faced the best in business, Henderson broke. It was not the only mistake when Liverpool tried to deal with the remarkable front of the PSG but completely defended the defense. He gets Sunday to watch the stands.

Marcus Rashford
He started again as a center and had six shots, but only one was on the target. The most frustrating of all were the two omitted chances that caused his manager to jump and groan on the side. If he played the weakest team in the group, gave Rashford the opportunity to return to the club level, he took another step back.

You can reasonably claim that Rashford is playing under a bad manager. Young players need time and patience to make mistakes without fear of public harassment. The difference between Rashford's form and confidence in Manchester United and England can be well explained by the pressure to undertake and how it manifests itself in the responses of its managers.

From a double fight against Liverpool in March, Rashford threw four times for England, but three in 27 matches for Manchester United. Bad.

But Rashford must make the best of it and find a way. If Jose Mourinho does not go anywhere, then his only option is to kick off and hope the current goal decline disappears to welcome in fresh dawn.

Phil Foden
We were all convinced that he would start, given that Pep Guardiola had a joyous pre-match moment and Manchester City manager said several times that Foden was ready to go for a minute. And he sat there on the bench.

I think it's hard. Each match brings with it such pressure that playing a young child at the very top is difficult. When they come, it's usually because injuries have given the manager less free choice. Foden will start the final group game in the Champions League and probably the quarterback of the EFL Cup against Leicester City.

But football is so important that most help to develop young players. Foden's minutes in his seven Premier League matches this season: 8, 21, 2, 15, 18, 1, 21. Foden's minutes in his two league championships this season: 1, 3. Score at the time of his performance four matches , when Foden played more than 10 minutes: 4-0, 3-0, 5-1, 3-0.

Minutes in the high-pressure scenario cost many times more than dead rubbers and preparations in secondary competitions, and Foden is unfortunately lacking them. Yes, he is only 18 years old, but every coach working with Foden believes he is ready. It's a compliment to him that I put him here in this section because everyone is so bloody excited to see that it has an effect.

Oh dear

Christian Pulisic
Oh dear, dear

CSKA Moskva
55 minutes into the game, CSKA managed a 1-0 lead through Viktoria Plzen, which maintained a chance to get to the finish. Full time they have managed to lose at home to one of the weakest teams in the competition and virtually guaranteed that they will not even play the Europa League league in the spring. Special effort.

Winless and almost certainly finished group F after returning to Shakhtar just to lose the match for the second time. When Julian Nagelsmann ends at the end of the season, there are fears that this great time of overcoming is coming.

Fall is a chance to advance, but it is very realistic to complete the bottom of Group D. That would be disastrous.

Daniel Storey

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