WWE has the option of "buying and disabling" its British promotions

Message: WWE has the opportunity

Photographic credit: Wikimedia Commons

Further details on the updated contractual situation of NXT UK have been revealed according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required). With news from the NXT UK talents that have been awarded various contracts, and big stars have been restricted by competition beyond their mark, Dave Meltzer states that the WWE contract with various UK promotions allows them to "buy and disable" the promotion if they wanted to.

"Part of WWE's employment contracts originally offered and agreed that WWE will have the right over the next few years if they decide to buy the company at an agreed price (in some cases at least six numbers) and then close them so that they" alone "did not protest with the idea that would have taken place if full-time programs were running in these markets."

WWE currently has a valid agreement to fight PROGRESS and Championship Championship in Scotland. Both promotions are commonly used by top stars NXT UK and Kilkean Dain superstar. Previously, it was reported that a list of "unconquered" promotions appeared, although the match was not part of it.

The current NXT UK stars, including the WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and Tyler Batea, have been allowed to compete in Destiny Wrestling, though it will not be for live broadcasting and for audiences only.

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