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Xbox Live error causes Xbox One black screen and other issues

If you turn your Xbox One right now and you will not only be facing the black screen, it's not just you. Microsoft has confirmed that a problem is affecting the system right now and says it should be repaired soon.

"We are aware of the Xbox One launch, update name, and login errors" Microsoft said in tweet. "We'll let you know when we have more information, thank you for your patience." The following tweet adds: "Our engineers are actively researching and working on the issues outlined in our initial paper."

The usual source for further details, the Xbox Live status information page, has been inaccessible for some time, which Microsoft has also acknowledged. Since then, he has been returning online and has reported "Xbox Live signing" a problem with Xbox Live's main services along with some encouraging news: "We see we are on the path to recovery with Xbox Live sign-in problems, and we expect we will come back soon and run. "

While tweet to Microsoft makes it sounds like a bit of a run-of-the-mill, if an inconvenient mistake, it seems to actually be much worse in some cases. When I launched my Xbox One, a notification telling me that my user account automatically logged in came but the screen was otherwise completely black. While I was finally able to bring a wizard, the system did not respond to any other entries, even though I saw it downloading one game update.

Additionally, other users may not be able to sign up for Xbox Live, which prevents access to some games and online multiplayer. We will report back because more information will be available.

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