Important advances in cancer medicine in Chivilcoy

[ad_1] The Chivilcoy Radiation Center was recently activated. It is located at 171 rue Vicente Loveira and is intended for oncological radiotherapy. The building was built according to all relevant standards and qualifications. Dr. Mario Dinucci is the medical director of the Center and, in dialogue with LA RAZON, claimed that the machine we are … Read more

It is not improving: they estimate how far the dollar and inflation will reach in 2021

[ad_1] According to analysts inflation started the journey with growing trend from August, and even though it will have a valley, next semester despite changes in dlar. This trend was noted in the Market Expectations Survey (REM), a month-on-month survey of the index Central Bank (BCRA). The average of the respondents calculated their predictions inflation … Read more

Maradona. The judicial hypothesis of death caused by improper practice is growing

[ad_1] Doctor Leopoldo Luque and Diego Maradona, shortly after the last operation Undoubtedly. He states with certainty: “No one had control over the patient”. His next sentence is strong: “As the investigation progresses, the working hypothesis that compulsory care has been neglected is increasing.”. So 10 days from the death of Diego Armand Maradon, a … Read more

WhatsApp adds three new and expected features: what are they and how to activate them? | Chronicle

[ad_1] From December users WhatsApp, the world’s most important messaging platform, can enjoy three new features that users have come to expect since December, including wallpaper improvements, a pack of animated stickers from the World Health Organization (WHO) and a new search tool. Custom wallpapers Now in WhatsApp you can create wallpaper for all chats … Read more

emphasize the importance of consultation

[ad_1] World Day against Oral Cancer The Ministry of Public Health in Chaco stressed the importance of tests for early detection of oral cancer. On the “World Day against Oral Cancer”, today, December 5, the Regional Directorate of Dentistry and the Central Dental Hospital “Dra. Leonor Eugenia Soria ”from Resistencia, Encourage the population to conduct … Read more

Tensions in power: Alberto Fernández still has no plans to remember his first year in government with CFK

[ad_1] Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during the presidential inauguration. (Gustavo Gavotti) The absence of public meetings or secret meetings reflects the political distance that exists today between Albert Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Your power alliance is wounded and there are no indications in the future that program coincidences between the … Read more