Vitamins and minerals support your immune system – health – life

[ad_1] The immune system significantly maintains the health of the body and protects it from toxins and infections, which requires strengthening the strength of this system, especially in the winter with the outbreak of disease. In our efforts to support our immune system, it is imperative that we eat a variety of foods and eat … Read more

“Terrorist” allies declining … details of allegations against “Al-Swireky, Al-Azhari and Safwan”

[ad_1] Subscribe and get the most important news The authorities are conducting large-scale investigations into 3 terrorist fraternal allies arrested by the security services with the support and funding of the group, the last of whom was Khaled Al-Azhari, former fraternal-era labor minister, and Rajab Al-Swerky, the owner. Tawhid and Al-Nour stores, and Business Man … Read more

Echo Land: The price of gold today 6-12-2020

[ad_1] The price of gold in Egypt stabilized at the beginning of today’s trading, Sunday, 6/6/2020; After the yellow metal rose yesterday on Saturday, all gold coins in goldsmith shops were put on average for £ 2 in goldsmith shops. The price of one gram of 18 carats at the end of the negotiations was … Read more

Al-Ahly receives a million and 500 thousand pounds, a reward for winning the Egyptian Cup

[ad_1] Officials of the five-year committee of the Football Association, led by Amr El-Ganaini, are giving Al-Ahly a million and 500,000 pounds after being crowned Egyptian Cup champion, and Walid Al-Attar, the association’s executive director, has confirmed that one million and 500 thousand pounds, while the holder of the second place does not receive any … Read more

Britain is officially the first country to introduce a Pfizer Corona vaccine

[ad_1] Today on Sunday, the British government announced that it is ready to start vaccinating for the company “Pfizer and Bio-Antic” against the Corona virus “Covid 19” this week. Britain becomes the first country to agree to launch the Corona vaccine, manufactured by Pfizer and BioTech. The British government has stated that the vaccine will … Read more

The fate of racism falls … Celebrations and Zgharid on Twitter about the defeat of Safaa Al-Hashem

[ad_1] Manifestations of celebration and ridicule prevailed on the social networks “Twitter” after the defeat of Kuwaiti representative Safa Al-Hashem in the elections to the National Assembly. Safaa Al-Hashem was notorious for her racism and hatred of Kuwait emigrants, especially the Egyptians, which caused her fall in the National Assembly elections to be celebrated in … Read more

Hanan Turk is back on social media after two years of absence

[ad_1] After stopping communicating on social media two years ago, she limited herself to congratulating her friends on their birthdays and congratulating her fans on time. August 2018. But the situation has changed a lot now, as Hanan Turk shares new photos of himself at sea with his fans on a daily basis, and with … Read more