Huge redundancies in Lufthansa. It will lose 29,000 jobs by the end of the year. people

[ad_1] After these cuts, Lufthansa will employ 109,000 people. employees. Abroad, Lufthansa will lose more than 20,000 jobs. employees. In addition, Lufthansa has sold its subsidiary LSG, which employs 7,500 people. Lufthansa intends to cut another 10,000 jobs in Germany next year. people. Layoffs despite growing interest in flights during the holidays A Lufthansa spokeswoman, … Read more

The main sponsor of Manchester United wants to help with the transfer of Cristiano Ronald. Will he spend big money?

[ad_1] In recent months, rumors have been circulating in the media about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is possible that the Portuguese will change the club this summer. According to the Brazilian car service “Auto Esporte”, Chevrolet will be involved in the entire transaction. Cristian Ronald’s contract with Juventus expires in June 2022. However, … Read more

The victim’s mother, Dominic D’Agnelica, responds to her “big comeback”: “Everything you say is a LIE”

[ad_1] It will soon be exactly two weeks since the participation scandal saw the light of day Dominica D’Angelicawhich was until recently tipped as a potential winner of the 9th season Top model. The young man’s ambitions were successfully thwarted by Internet users. According to information provided by Operation Care, Dominic had commit sexual activity … Read more

Maybe we’re alone in space

[ad_1] In 1950, the physicist Enrico Fermi formulated his famous paradox. If life in the universe is universal, where are all these extraterrestrial civilizations? Over the last 70 years, we have tried to answer this question in many ways. Unsuccessfully. New research supports the popular hypothesis: we may be the only advanced civilization in the … Read more

Coronavirus. Michał Rogalski: Poland has become a gray island of data access

[ad_1] Michał Rogalski became famous in November when he pointed out discrepancies in official data on coronavirus in Poland, which are thousands of cases “In my idealized vision of the world, I anticipated that in the face of a data-related image crisis, we would see some improvement in information policy. The Ministry of Health and … Read more

In the footsteps of a great-grandfather. After the finals of the 11th year of the “Voice of Poland” [RELACJA]

[ad_1] The final of the eleventh year of the “Voice of Poland” program is over Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn, Adam Kalinowski, Krystian Ochman and Jędrzej Skiba, coaches Edyta Górniak, Baron and Tomson, Michał Szpak and Urszula Dudziak fought for the victory. The winner was Krystian Ochman. Protector Michał Szpaka was born and raised in the United States. … Read more