News 24 | The Ministry of Health clarifies the conditions for receiving a second dose of “Corona” vaccine if the virus is infected after the first dose

[ad_1] The Ministry of Health answered a question about the conditions for receiving a second dose of coronavirus vaccine if a person became infected with the virus after receiving the first dose. The Ministry explained that if the infection is confirmed, the second dose will be given after reaching a state of recovery that is … Read more

Tim Hassan’s first tweet after the news of his separation from Wafa Al Kilani – Turkey now

[ad_1] Tim Hassan’s first tweet after a report on his separation from Wafa Al-KilaniTurkey now “Watch” what Tim Hassan publishes after reports of his separation from Wafa …country Tim Hassan ‘s first comment and the truth about his separation from Wafa Al Kilani – Image | Bell Magazinedoorbell Art Bulletin … Pregnancy caused disagreement … … Read more

The South African newspaper celebrates Musimani’s success: Al-Ahly led to a new cup

[ad_1] The South African newspaper celebrated Al-Ahly’s victory and crowned it with a hat-trick led by Al-Ahly’s technical director Pitso Musimini, who won the League, the Egyptian Cup and the African Champions League for the second time in history. Musimani succeeded in the Egyptian Cup with Al-Ahly, previously with the African Champions League, and for … Read more

Zain is a digital partner of the MIT Business Forum in the Arab World

[ad_1] Published: 10/10/2020 – 21:28:14 hours Launch of the digital 14th year of the Arab Startup Competition Zain is a digital partner of the MIT Business Forum in the Arab World Arab entrepreneurs have the opportunity to register for competitions until December 15 – The final digital award ceremony for the winning teams will take … Read more

Britain is preparing to launch the Pfizer vaccine this week – Reuters

[ad_1] The British government said on Sunday that Britain is set to be the first country to introduce the Pfizer / BioNETK vaccine for Covid-19 this week. Why is the vaccine originally available in Source: Reuters date of publishing:Sunday, December 06, 2020 1:39 AM GMT Date of update:Sunday, December 6, 2020 7:00 AM GMT The … Read more

News 24 | Sheikh “Al-Majid” clarifies the decision of someone who, after prayer, finds out that his clothes contain impurities (video)

[ad_1] The appealing judge and former member of Shura’s council, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Majid, explained the decision on the person’s prayer and then found the presence of impurity in his clothes. During one of the episodes of the “Istfatounak” program on the “Al-Risalah” channel, Al-Majed said that the prayer was valid in such a case and … Read more

Egyptian artist Sherihan gives a rare gift to the people of Lebanon – Think and Art – East and West

[ad_1] Egyptian actress Sherihan published the video on her official website on the website “Instagram” and expressed her support for the Lebanese people, reports “Russia Today”. Sherihan has reaffirmed her confidence in the Lebanese people and that she will soon return to her prosperity and that what happened during the explosion in the port of … Read more