Lamine Ba also appointed a special adviser.

[ad_1] Following the appointment of Awa Guèy Kébé to a strategic position, Idrissa Seck decided to appoint another former member of the PDS to the Economic, Social Affairs and Environment Council (CESE). This is Dr. Lamine Ba. He was appointed this morning by a special adviser responsible for international cooperation, partnership and the Diaspora Pole. … Read more

Agree: MU’s group against PSG is almost uncertain

[ad_1] Hours before the match, Manchester United introduced a group of 22 players available against the PSG and contains no surprises. All the uncertainties are almost there, only Luke Shaw is missing. Manchester United will eventually be deprived of only a few rare players to accept the PSG on Wednesday (21:00), and the group of … Read more

these innovations, which revolutionize the approach to sport

[ad_1] In 2020, EDF, in collaboration with Paris 2024, launched the special EDF Pulse Sport & Innovation Award as part of 7E issue of the start-up award of EDF Pulse. This special award rewards sports solutions and services that contribute to a more open and sustainable society. Here are the three winning start-ups of 2020. … Read more

“Mank,” the great return of David Fincher

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Guy Marius Sagna arrested before Dakar authorities.

[ad_1] The leader of the popular and pan-African anti-imperialist revolutionary front (FRAPP) was arrested this morning in front of the Dakar government and taken to the Plateau police station (Dakar). He was with the rest of the DOYNA platform, which was again dispersed by the police. These teams went to the Dakar administration to challenge … Read more

Amazon signs a new record at the end of the year thanks to Covid-19

[ad_1] Amazon confirms an exceptional end of the year in the midst of a coronavirus crisis. The company released stunning sales figures while rumors continued to be heard in France. Amazon just closed “Its best shopping season at the end of the year” in the history of society. Marked by the epidemic of Covid-19, Black … Read more

Carla Moreau reconciled with Adixia and throws a lot of information

[ad_1] Carla Moreau found Adixia and took the opportunity to swing a little. We will tell you everything here. Carla Moreau in the cast of the new show, will be there without Kevin Guedje. And on the scene of this program, a young woman found Adixia! We remind you that both young women have been … Read more

Abuse and drugs: Jamra welcomes this position "legalistic" from Cheikh Modou Kara – – News in Senegal

[ad_1] Abuse and drugs: Jamra welcomes Čejek Moda Kara’s “legalistic” – News in Senegal Kara Recovery Centers: 17 counted deaths, intensive drug trafficking …Seneweb “We Experienced Hell”: Unbearable Images of Kara Detention Centers (VIDEO)Get real-time information Societal Var: When Serigne Modou Kara banned his disciples from – News in Senegal “We Experienced Hell”: … Read more