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4 Tips to Prevent HIV Transmission

December 1st is World AIDS Day, So gynecologist Evelyn Campos offers four tips to prevent infection.

At present, more than 42 million people are affected worldwide. In 2016, nearly 1 million people died of AIDS-related illnesses. UNAIDS, however, suggests that in Latin America the growth of infected people has been reduced to 17 percent.

As part of the World AIDS Day, Dr. Evelyn Campos Zuñiga, a gynecologist specializing in the Ricardo Palma clinic, shares four tips for women to reduce the spread of HIV.

1. Using a condom: Sex is recommended to use a condom, especially for sporadic partners.

2. Water-soluble grease: In the case of lubricants, it is preferred that they be water-soluble. Other presentations could damage or break a condom, exposing you.

3. Do not share or replace needles: It is recommended not to share needles and syringes to prevent possible HIV infection. One way to get this disease is blood.

4. Analysis of pregnant women: To prevent the transfer of the virus from the mother to the newborn, it is recommended that every pregnant woman underwent an HIV test with her first pregnancy check. Early detection will allow mother to initiate appropriate treatment that reduces the risk of contracting her baby.

Finally Dr. Campos recommends that he be informed about the methods of prevention and regularly consult a gynecologist to identify the potential health risks in time.

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