Sunday , September 22 2019
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A new Woma campaign will hit the wild club with other operators

In connection with spectrum discussions.

We have another new and cheerful Wom campaign that now compares Entel, Movistar and Claro directly to the character "Kiko" from Chavo del 8.

All this is in the full debate on the question of the return of the radio spectrum by the three largest operators.

The issue has long been covered and this campaign, despite how it can be entertaining, is simply Wom, who has the opportunity to embark on the initiative and struggle that has been signed by the telecoms representative for many months.

It has the title "I demand Lo Justo" and claims that "I demand a fair competition with 5G for all", which is quite trendy, which means they would not have access to the network, but the development of this technology in the country together Its implementation is only in diapers.

Other operators at that time won an offer, but Subtel says they gave them "bad use" and therefore frozen.

Our attitude is moderation, because both parties have a reason, but the possibility that the state entity is preparing the ground for other foreign players to come in the form of an operator such as China Telecom is still more suspect. , but we insist on it, they are just suspicious.

Justice will end up deciding whether operators are keeping their spectrum or whether they will remain in Subtel again. Wom does not have much to whistle but can generate popularity and debate.

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