A supermarket guard who threw three teeth with a bat on a pregnant woman was arrested

Shocking aggression was recorded in a southern supermarket in the hands of a security guard who allegedly, he thought he was a client roving,

Via a video sent by a user Cazanoticias, he is aware that the infected person is crying in the ground, blood in the floor in the middle. I'd release three teeth in the morning.

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According to witnesses, the incident took place this Tuesday at the Santa Isabel supermarket in Manuela Bulnesa, Temuco.

According to the information provided by Cazanoticias, the security guard watched the woman through the various streets of the supermarketWithout indicating whether a person was caught or not, the people present at the site said they had been hit by a bats face the security officers used to discourage lighter attacks, causing three teeth to lose,

However, in pictures you can see how the woman shows the contents of the handbag while other clients say that no product was found at the time of the attackIn addition, it was noted how the supermarket employees helped her while she was on the ground.

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Santa Isabel himself explained through his Twitter account that they had launched an internal investigation of what had happened and that they activated protocols to "reinforce the way guards behave."

Meanwhile, I Temuco reported that the guard was arrested and given to the Guards Court of the City.

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