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Accident at Mafia: One in four hospitalized patients remains at life risk. | National

In serious and life-threatening conditions, one of the survivors of a tragic car accident continues in the Mauritius in Los Ríos where 9 people died and 11 were injured,

Among the heroes involved, the Haitian physician who was in the bathtub was informed of the patient's rescue Carabineros assesses the decoration of one of his troops who in civilian clothes helped save lives.

People who have experienced a tragic multiple collision between a truck, a van and a private vehicle are still fighting for their lives.

Four of them are in Valdivie's main hospital, and of them A 54-year-old man remains at risk, sedated and mechanically ventilated, due to multiple fractures of the chest.

This was stated by director of the medical facility, Juan Carlos Bertoglio, who explained that the severe polycystic disease he suffers is dialyzed next to kidney failure and prevents him from recovering.


On the other hand, Child 9 months old who was in a passenger car, was rescued by a carabiner and his family. The child is kept on a pediatric ICU.

Similarly, a woman after 43 years and a 75-year-old male are also in the middle care unit after having suffered fractures.

Heroes without a cloak

The doctor, who was in the delivery of patients after dialysis, Ginal Jules, a year ago worked at Cesfam de Máfil. In front of the lake he began to save four people, but regretted that he could not do more.


On the other hand, Corporal Jaime Mancilla of Valdivia's first police station was on a day off, but when he met the tragedy, he made all the phone calls for salvation and helped save the lives of some patients.

In this case, the institution evaluates whether or not the decoration is awarded to the uniform. Although General Iván Keterer, the head of the 14th Police Zone, though he considered this work to be remarkable, said these cases were seen by the Valdivia Prefecture.


Other survivors

Other patients exist and 40 year old man interned at Clínica Alemana de Valdivia. Meanwhile, the Santa Elisa de Mariquina hospital remains a 60 year old woman and more 73 year old patient, with minor injuries.

On the other hand, a 40-year-old woman who was 32 weeks pregnant was released.

As far as the bodies are concerned, after the lawyers delivered it to their relatives, they were covered in Máfil and Lanc to their next funerals from today.

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