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Accident in Máfil: Carabineros evaluates the decoration of police officers who helped save people

Carabineros analyzes possible decoration the cash that in civilian life has also helped save people after the fatal accident that occurred last week on the route that is linked Mafil and Valdivia, in Los Ríos, which left 9 dead and 11 injured.

It is about Corporal Jaime Mancilla, the first Carabineros police station in the regional capital, which was free Wednesday and travels by bus on the route found the accident,

As mentioned in an interview with TVN, the official asked the driver open the vehicle door Get down to help the wounded.

Carabiner arrived at the car and broke one of the glasses of the wagon and found a girl at the age of 9 months, in his car seat that has suffered a seat belt.

As described above Radio Bío Bío, after rescue of the police
stopped the vehicle in which the family traveled and asked them to bring the child to a health center, saving the life of a small girl.

Carabineros also did telephone coordination at the scene of the accident and helped save people.

In consultation with these facts from the institution, they said that the ancestors were gathering to offer the decoration to Corporal Jaime Mancill.

According to the head of the fourteenth police zone, General Iván Keterer, this is a matter in the hands of the Valdivia Prefecture.


This story adds to the story of a Haitian doctor who traveled to one of the vehicles involved in a fatal accident and rescued the four people who were his patients.

Status of the survivors

Children aged 9 months work in a pediatric intensive care unit at Valdivia Hospital, while a 43-year-old woman and a 75-year-old man are in the fracture department.

Another four are hospitalized at Base Valdivia, where a 54-year-old man is exposed to the risk of attenuation and mechanical ventilation due to several chest fractures, as reported by the director of Valdivia Hospital base, Juan Carlos Bertoglio.


For other patients, a 40-year-old male is admitted to Clínica Alemana de Valdivia, while Santa Elisa de Mariquina Hospital is a 60-year-old woman and another 73-year-old patient with minor injuries.

A woman of Haitian nationality 40 years, with 32 weeks of pregnancy, has been released.

As for the bodies that were delivered to the relatives after the Medical Service, they are already covered in Máfil and Lanca for their subsequent funeral this Saturday.

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