Alba 2019 has a rival and experienced day when new coaches and reinforcements will be introduced

According to La Tercera, the Cacique concert will take place in the second week in January and against the Estudiantes de La Plata.

While Colo Colo is looking for a new technique and completes his participation in the national championship in 2018, he already has several lines scheduled for next year. And one of them is Alba Night,

According to La Tercera, the classic Cacique a It will be the second week of January at the monumental stadium, with a presentation of reinforcement and new coaching staff.

Rival? It's always the morning news Students from La Plata from Argentina, which has already faced people in history.

It should be recalled that this year will be in front of the Alps in Barcelona from Guayaquil, but due to logistical problems it was canceled at the last minute. Finally it was done the same way, but earlier Lima Alliance two weeks later than expected, on Feb. 14, and with prizes.

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