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An eleven-year-old girl has run reactive HIV after an operation at Rancagua Hospital

The complaint was brought against Rancagua Regional Hospital after finding the girl HIV reactive after a tonsillectomy that they were practicing in the same health center.

Now the parents of the disabled are waiting for a report from the Institute of Public Health to determine with certainty whether they are under 11 years of age.

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According to Biobiochile, the girl's family was happy because she had a list and the girl could have surgery, but After the procedure, the test results showed that the child's health was worse than before surgery.

The cause of the transfer would be due to faulty sterilization of the material used, explained Rancagua hospital director Cecilia Pitrowski.

That detail would be reported by a member of the district, and that's exactly what It includes the possibility of transmission of diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

On the same day, another 15 children were successfully treated with almonds

Our clustered media reported that the hospital called for peace because it said that the service provider in Santiago must first confirm this result and that "in most of these tests the results are negative afterwards." They also clarified that "there are no confirmed pathologies in any of the children who were affected during that day."

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CeciliaPitrowski also stated that an internal summary had been launched, which established responsibility and informed the prosecutor's office.

The family of minors is studying to file a complaint

Photo: Sterilization of tools

Photo: Sterilization of tools

While parents of minors They expect the ISP to issue test results that last approximately 10 days., they are studying the possibility of complaining against the hospital they have condemned, and even offered psychological support to face a worrying situation.

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