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And that savings have risen: Errors in Chile rose to 4.5 million in the third quarter

Although financial surveys show that Chile's savings rate is rising, the number of delinquent borrowers can not reverse its upward trend. In the third quarter of the year, there are actually more than four and a half million people who fall into this group.

On Thursday, a third-quarter debt report 2018, published by the University of San Sebastian and in conjunction with Equifax and Mapcity, was delivered.

Figures showing the evolution of unpaid personal loan debt in Chile have shown that both the total number of debtors and total debt have increased in the country by September this year. The curve upward has, of course, slowed down due to the trend.

Overall, the study calculates that there are 4 509 598 borrowers in Chile, a figure 3% higher than in September 2017. As regards the total value of crime, this proportion has chastised more Chileans: out of the debt it is $ 1,682,218 and compared to the same month of comparison rose by 9% in 2017.

As far as gender is concerned, women exceed the number of men with 2 309 660 compared to 2 199 938 persons. And just like the trend over the years, retail steals a female presence, while men focus on banking.

Sectors of debtors

Both the banking and retail sectors remain debtors. That of the total number of debtors 40% fell into this group for retail and 29% for debts to banks. However, in the case of total debt, the bulk of the money (57%) comes from financial institutions, followed by retail (18%) and real estate debt (8%).

What happens to foreigners in Chile? This sector represents only 2.25% of the total number of non-payers in the territory. However, their pockets suffer more debts because their average amount is $ 2,103,211, while Chile is $ 1,679,499.

Regions and municipalities

The value of the debt, as stated in the study, also depends on the geographical area where northern Chile exceeds the national average. The order is governed by Antofagasta (2 293 437), Metropolitana ($ 1 910 992), Tarapacou ($ 1 897 686) and Atacama ($ 1 728 291). In Grand Santiago, the international cities of Vitacura ($ 5,907,391), Las Condes ($ 4,713,587) and Providencia ($ 4,555,321) account for the bulk of arrears.

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