And the best times have come to the public administration: they have recalled more than 2,500 ministries and service officials

This week saw a wave of mass redundancies in various public sector sectors, including the Department of the Interior headed by Andres Chadwick, the Ministry for Social Development led by Alfred Moreno, and the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Government led by Cecilia Pérez, a spokeswoman, among others portfolios and services.

According to the calculations of the various unions that associate public workers, the number of redundancies has so far exceeded 2500. The worse is that the number of exceptions that the leaders call illegal, arbitrary and unjustified may increase because it is estimated that Friday 30 November is a fatal to meet the terms of the contract.

FROM National Association of Tax Employees (ANEF), Explained President Carlos Insunza Counter that dismissal in public administration is defined in the continuity of "government policy on arbitrary, massive and unlawful redundancies, the sole purpose of which is to open space in the state to use public service as prey."

He added: "The arguments used for redundancy are flawed" and that there are "political components" that justify the departure of officials. "He also said they were coordinating protest actions.

"There have been huge announcements at the Ministry of Education, including the Ministry of Women, where high-skilled workers are dismissed," Insunza said.

This wave of redundancies is centered in the same week when the government closed negotiations with most public sector fiscal tables in 2019. Only one of the organizations that refused to sign the agreement was ANEF in a whistle-blowdown that took place throughout the fiscal apparatus.

Liberation at La Moneda

In dialogue with Counter, Prime Minister National Federation of Associations of Interior Ministry Officials (Fenaminsa), Esteban Tumba, estimated in more than 400 redundancies of "officials" in the portfolio.

"What we were told was that the process of installing the government was completed and that the redundancies that could be made would be exceptional and well, on the contrary: we have governments in which half of the workers were released. the causes they use are inventions, "he said.

"They are conceived to have problems with the working environment, in the absence of any record, there is an important political discrimination," explained Tumba, who did not exclude paralysis.

Fenamins National Secretary Cristian Inzunza stressed that "we have more than 40 redundancies in the Criminal Intelligence Secretariat, there are experts in the service for 15 years who are at a high level of security, there is no basis."

He also said that the most affected service was an internal government service, a group that brings together the government institutions of Intendance. "We have records of 260 cancellations and 100 charges," he said.

IN Segegob, cuts were also used. According to the Ministry's sources, around 30 people were disconnected on Monday. The argument that would be given is the restructuring of the units, but the ministry points out that the explanation does not meet the reality. "They are all unauthorized release," they complain.

Low social development, even in La Araucanía

FROM Association of Ministers of Social Development (Asofumi), meanwhile reported that the process of non-proliferation of contracts for 2019 affected "86 officials across the country (52 contracts and 34 colleagues for fees)".

"If we add the expected contractual conditions to be held in April, the amount will be increased to 154 employees of the Ministry of Social Development who lost their jobs," they said in a public statement.

And they added: "We are talking about almost 15% of ministerial staff, which we introduced in the same commission just last October 3."

Specifically in seremi from the Ministry of Social Development in the La Araucanía region, a symbolic area for the portfolio of Alfred Moreno, was the release of the last trial.

Distribution workers showed Counter that removal is due to unjustified causes and is accused of being "afraid" of the strategies they can use to recall more officials.

Dismiss services

IN National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption (SENDA), of which 21 were made available to contract staff "out of a total of 242 from the entire country, representing 8.8% of all workers in this state of affairs, and the contingents were informed of their continuity until March 2019," they explain from trade unions.

"We also say that the process of evaluating these partners has been arbitrary and has not been adapted to current legal standards because the only recognized qualification process is the process by the Qualification Board that it concluded in the month On this occasion all were placed on list 1 and 2, which means that they were categorized as first-level workers in the performance of their work, "they added.

And specified that "any other evaluation procedure carried out by this report, which serves as the basis for the recall of officials, does not comply with applicable legislation and ignores the procedures and regulations that the State organizes for such cases."

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