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Angelica Sepulveda admitted she was pregnant at the end of the reality show "1810"

Reality 1810 was one of the most successful productions of Channel 13 in the genre and perhaps one of the most remembered performers is Angelica Sepulveda, who was invited last Tuesday to the exhibition "La noche es nuestra" by Chilevisión and published a special detail

At the end of the record, two months passed for the final finale, and production was complicated because it did not know if Sepulveda would be present, due to the demands he had made.

And it was during this time when the "Yungay Tiny Shark" found out about the news that could change its future: the pregnant Arturo Prat, a woman with whom she had been born during her birth.

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In the interview she mentioned a break with Prat, who was for her to defend her after she was not invited to the finalists' photo session.

"Stress made me very sensitive and I wanted to participate, Arturo told me to continue training and nothing, I started training and felt bad," he said.

And then he added, "Surprise, I was pregnant," the astonishing animators of the program.

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"I told Arturo that I felt strange, ill and said, "Are not you pregnant?" And I told him I did not believe it was just stress"He spoke.

As for the final, Sepulveda said he spoke to María José Barraza, the producer of reality, and told him that he did not feel well enough to appear in the final.

But she told him there was a contract, and that she had to prove yes or yes, but Sepulveda never told the production team she was pregnant.

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