Appeal: The risk posed by Mayor Luis Mayol after the constitutional allegations against him

That he eventually ended his job. This is a major risk that Mayor Luis Mayol is running after Christian Democrats (DC) have announced constitutional charges against him. Reasons for the applicants? Join Camilo Catrillanca soon to steal vehicles that motivated Jungle Command.

"We believe he has a responsibility for the serious public order problems that have occurred in recent days in La Araucanía," said Deputy Matias Walker, who announced on behalf of DC this event.

The statement left him

According to a deputy, the relationship that Mayol had created between the young Mapuch and the act of delinquency was a mistake that must be accountable.

"Instead of pushing the spirit, instead of pushing for social peace in La Araucanía, the only thing that caused this erroneous commitment on the part of the mayor is more violent acts," he added.

The prosecution takes place just hours after the government showed full support from Mayol. Former NCO was Rodrigo Ubilla, who was in charge of informing him about it.

"The mayor has the confidence of President Sebastian Piñer, who will continue to function as the president has ratified it," he said.

The voice of the academy

But if the accusation is the exclusive confidence of the president, why risk his release? "The constitutional system is designed in such a way that the accusation is specially designed to act against those who may be expelled by the president of the republic except for the competent official and judges of the Supreme Court," the professor explains. Alejandro Usen, expert in Constitutional Affairs and academic at the Faculty of Law of the University Center.

He adds that the constitutional accusation is not easy: "It has several processes, but it is centered in time". And as a professor, as a summary, he suggests that "first, a committee in the Chamber of Deputies passes, informing whether it is credible or not and then voting." The majority of the vote is confirmed in the room, requiring that the session be validly created with the current situation of over 70 deputies, "Usen explains.

But the process does not stop. "Then he goes to the Senate, who has to vote for or against the charges." If you are winning the charge, you continue to release.

In this sense, he explains that no matter how much the office is the exclusive prestige of the president, he can not be interested in "his kindness." The only thing I could save would be to push him out beforehand. And it does not seem to happen.

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