Apple says the iPhone XR is the best-selling mobile phone of the new device

The price is the key.

Apple spoke and said what a few suspects are: iPhone XR is the most successful mobile phone ever launched this year.

That, according to Vice President Greg Joshua, who spoke with CNET, and clarified doubts about the success of the "entry" terminal for this year on Apple mobile phones.

All of this information, unfortunately not sharing numbers, comes from concerns from analysts who have found it would not be a good year for a new iPhone in general.

iphone Xr

Rumors suggest that the production chain's capacity would be reduced as they expected higher sales figures in the early weeks that would not be met.

In view of the above, it's not possible to officially find out whether the iPhone XR is successful or whether it's just the best seller in Cupertina for you in the warm season, and it will probably take several months for us to realize it. Even so, it was expected that people will choose for this team who have a poem that is right in the middle of iPhone XS and XS Max without losing many features that are important for people at a considerably cheaper price of $ 750,

This particular device has received initial criticism from more dedicated users for having an assumed "poor screen resolution" that we can verify that it is not, and that even goes beyond the sharpness, brightness, color and more than other high levels of competition that use OLED, is the IPS LCD Panel that is included with the iPhone XR.

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