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Apps that measure iPhone usage times make it more complicated in the App Store

With the advent of iOS 12 Apple introduced "Time to use", new features for iPhone and iPad users to know how much time they use and how they use it. Also, parents better control children's use of the device. But what happens now with all App Store apps that have done something like that?

IOS 12 users were different from iOS App Store apps that can also count on usage time phone or tablet. However, as TechCrunch details, many of them have now found obstacles where Apple is participating in the update or in the store.

As several developers have said, Apple has begun to reject its apps when they are sent to the App Store, Reasons seem to be diverse, although in all of them it is usually caused by the use of functions for purposes other than those that were created. These apps usually use a site or VPN to know which website the user is connecting to, or which apps it does. In this way, it performs device usage measurement. Of course, neither a placement nor a VPN is created for this use, so Apple is rejecting applications.

Developers also said that Apple usually talks to them to clarify where the problem is with the app and many times they can go back to the App Store. And why has Apple not yet declined if they have been in App Store for years? There is a problem that right now, there is a similar feature by default on iOS.

Worst Nightmare: When Apple implements your app's functionality

This story is not the first time we see itOver the last decade, iOS has evolved continuously. Part of this development included the user-defined implementation functions that were discovered by the fact that it was previously a third-party application. They also worked as ridiculous as the lantern. Who remembers the flashlight application? They took the top of the App Store about ten years ago.

When Apple implements the features that other third-party applications do this does not have to mean the end of such applications, Developers can improve their application to better than Apple or to re-appear. And we have many examples of applications that make it better than Apple, such as e-mail managers or task managers. It is difficult to combat the functionality that is available by default but is not impossible.

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