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Argentina suspects that the outbreak of Hantavirus is a mutation

Minister of Health of Argentina, Adolfo Rubinstein, said on Monday that the government suspects the outbreak of the hantavirus occurred in the city of Chubut, which has already caused ten deaths, is a "mutation", because it can be given "between human infection",

"The sporadic cases have been sporadic by the inhalation of mice secretions (…). The difference is that it is an infection among humans, it is more alarming from an epidemiological point of view"said the health manager in an interview Radio Miter,

So far there has been an outbreak of the hantavirus that originated in the town of Chubut in the province of Epuyen 28 positive cases of infection and 10 deaths in the border area with Chile

The last victim of the outbreak was a Chilean citizen who died Saturday in Santiago after visiting a person from Epuyen who died of this disease in December.

Rubinstein explained it a chain of infections began with a "gentleman with symptoms" who attended famous festivities at the beginning of November and infected those who shared the table, and has since increased the number of cases.

He remarked patients from the virus undergo a "very serious condition," as this outbreak records the "very high, more than 40 percent" mortality rate.

In addition to safety and preventive measures taking place in the locality and surrounding area, the authorities conduct studies that specifically identify what are the properties of the virus and the "if there is any mutation that supports this completely unusual new way in the case of an over-infection hinge. "

Originally, the hantavirus was transmitted by contact with urine, saliva, and excrement of rodents infected with this virus. For transmission between people, close contact with patients is required in the initial period of a febrile episode, which lasts from 48 to 72 hours.

The way of reproduction is inhalation, so kisses and hugs can infect hantavirus as well as saliva particles when talking. Symptoms of this virus are fever, muscle aches, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and advanced stages of respiratory distress.

Outbreak product, the authorities have decided to suspend recreational activities in Epuyén, such as the roast festival and other mass events in various places

The Chubut city of Epuyén last Friday ordered a health quarantine after virus and virus detection recreational activities that were planned were suspended, like barbecues and other massive events in several nearby locations.


Chubut ranges from Hualaihué to Balmaceda, from the Chilean side (Picture: Clarin)

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