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Arturo Vidal arrived in complete silence in San Diego to join Red

Steering wheel Arturo Vidal arrived on Wednesday San Diego, California And in total silence, without issuing a press release, he left the airport to join the Chilean national team.

The arrival of FC Barcelona was around 9:30 pm in Chile (5:30 pm in San Diego) and after overcoming the procedures, she did not want to attend national and international media (Especially the Mexicans), who were waiting for his words in the expected way, thought about the friendly that the Czechs and the Aztecs would play.

Vidal left quickly concentration directed by Reinaldo Ruedawaiting for a "king" to be able to define a team that will face Mexico.

Delay Vidal happened due to problems with his visa, after restoring his passport, so itOn Thursday he will be able to train with his teammates.

It is expected that during the day in Rueda, which will have all the team elements available, lights on what will be the tactics and possible training that Red will use.

All the details you can follow with coverage AlAireLibre.cl virtual tag and broadcasting Outside in Cooperativa.

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