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As Toselli asked for time, Everton turned to Herrera

Viñamarino's cast wants to continue with the UC exarquer, but is waiting for a response from Cruzados SADP.

Author: L. Rivera Talpen

While coach Javier Torrente and the Everton team secured lasting confrontation against San Luis (2-1), the viñamarina directive drew the lines that they thought in 2019. And the goalkeeper's position is one of the problems.

In this context, how could he know CDF News, the permanence of Cristopher Toselli is one of the club's goals. After completing the games, the goalkeeper trained on the Universidad Católica gained confidence and ended up one of the main reasons for the successful conclusion of the tournament (in the last four matches he won three and bound one).

Toselli has already voiced his intention to continue casting "roletro", but has asked for time to define their future, awaiting the Cruzados SADP response. "It's not a problem that Dituro is still in UC, happy to compete with Dituro, if he continues, my idea is to come back," was one of the phrases he ran to ratify his position.

Along with the situation of Toselli, according to the La Tercera newspaper, Johnny Herrera He was contacted by Everton and there will be an appointment. Archer and Captain U He strongly criticized blue managers and his persistence is now uncertain because managers have responded publicly.

The Garden City team begins planning for 2019, when it does not want to spend a reversal with descent.

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