Bci determines the purchase of Presto from Walmart

The Bank has informed the Financial Market Commission (CMF) that it has approved the supervision of the funds.

One of the most important financial transactions was approved for the last time. A Bci informed the Financial Market Commission (CMF) that the Superintendance has been commissioned to acquire a Mastercard trade today.

"As a result, we have an agreement to continue the closure of Walmart and Bci's dealings with our consultants in the usual final documentation for this type of transaction that is supposed to be signed as soon as possible," Bci said to the regulator.

The nearly $ 150 million operation will allow Yarur-affiliated banks to operate all the financial products and services currently offered by Walmart Chile, including the issuing and operation of payment cards. MasterCard Leaders, as well as cash advances and personal insurance brokerage, among others.

This operation, as announced by its Chief Executive Officer Eugenio Von Chrismar, "is part of the Bank's strategy of constantly seeking local and international growth opportunities and our goal of becoming the world's leading credit card industry." He added that "in this direction, the acquisition will double the share of the credit card market in line with the defined plan."

"Financial services will enable us to reach nearly 1.5 million credit card customers, which is a great business opportunity, as payment resources will be a key part of the success of our bank in the years to come, allowing us to compete with international best practices in this area, "said Von Chrismar.

Walmart said during this process he would focus on his country's growth plan, which includes an investment of $ 800 million for the next three years and which is opening between 55 and 60 supermarkets.

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