Bencinas reaches the sixth low value in their prices

The government had it promised 8 weeks of low fuel value and that's what it was. National Petroleum Company (ENAP) announced the sixth consecutive loss of gasoline,

According to the state's price report octane gasoline of 93 and 97 will reduce the price by 5.8 pesos per liter as it is diesel,

When paraffin / kerosene, it will have a significant decrease in its value, falling $ 29 per liter. Meantime Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) drops by 1.9 pesos,

According to this document, the sharp decline in fuel prices is due to uncertainty in the oil market, which has been added to strengthen the US industry where its reserves have risen.

For the following week, the price of gasoline could continue to decline as ENAP said oil prices on the international market were falling.

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