Big physical change for Ronald because he does not drink alcohol

Since Ronaldo Nazario became maximum shareholder from Real Valladolid we could see the big one physical change, Brazil played a legend one year in Bernabeu, which made them jump all alarmsSince then his mentality has been different and improvement,

As they show UOL Sport, a football legend nine months ago, that he no longer drinks anything water, juices and non-alcoholic beverages, In addition,Phenomenal"He does a lot of exercise with him few, model Celine Locks, which also contributes to the fact that we are already forget a worrying aspect that a former footballer

How can we see in photography, difference between Morientes and Ronaldo It's very big. While Spanish was a physical aspect worthy admire, was seen Brazilian very low form and with clear indications that she did not care him,

Now it's all differentMaybe because she knows she is president and institution means he has to face many times and wants to be prepared for. And, of course, for health reasons.

Even though we know it is impossible that Ronaldo Nazario has a physical form when he was player (admitted to having thyroid problems), it is a pleasure to see you motivated be carefulAs already mentioned, he has already left alcohol or any drink that may be noxiously for your health, except for your farewell to habits unhealthy, Now hold good nutrition and he regularly runs with his partner.

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