Bitran gives Sichel his "political attempt" to compare both Corf's administration

On the dispute over the corporation with Albemarle, former Corfi chief refuted his successor's sarcasm and assured that, according to Sichel, "everything is new and everything was invented today".

Since his appointment as Corfo's executive vice-president in April 2018, Sebastián Sichel has been worried, both within Sebastian Piñera's government – who chose him to replace him as head of state – and among the critics of leadership.

One of them is the former head of the corporation Eduardo Bitran.

Today, in an interview with Prime Minister La Tercera, Bitran took the opportunity to launch a harsh criticism of his successor and urged him to implement long-term policies that go beyond the government.

"I'm concerned about the political attempt to make a difference between this report and the previous one, everything new, everything invented today, no Corfu's development has nothing to do with public companies, in the mid-1990s when a system of public companies , "said Bitran.

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It should be noted that in the middle of the preparation of the arbitration suit against Albemarle before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) regarding the inconsistencies in the clause that allowed the added value of the Lithuanian industry to be increased, Sichel shifted the criticism of the Bitran administration, which concluded a contract with Lithuanian issues (SQM and Albemarle) urgently.

Bitran, however, replied that Sichel was wrong. "The deal with Albemarle was discussed in 2016. We have been negotiating for several months, completing the office, and it was more than a year before the end of the government." The added value clause was defined on this occasion, "he said.

"This clause is clear, saying it must sell 25% of the producers to Corfo, which adds value to the lowest FOB export parity." No further discussion is needed to understand what it means, he added.

In the same vein, Bitran stated that Sichel "would corrode Corfo in submitting these comments as it gives the elements of the counterpart the continued abuse of the breach of contract.

Clarifying the situation, former Corfo said that during the year 2017 "we have made a road show in Frankfurt for specialized manufacturers." This roadshow helped us prepare Albemarle, and Albemarle's Global Business Manager Company participated as an exhibitor. I was also an exhibitor, also Carlos Alvarez, Director of InvestChile. "

"It was clear and transparent in this presentation, all those who subsequently submitted the offer were not questioned, the contract was signed," he concluded.

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