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Blood Pact: This is the identity of El Rojo

The audience was much expected to know the identity of "El Rojo ", the older man who dated Daniele Solís, the protagonist of the television series "Pacto de Sangre".

But we will not have to wait, because the last chapter was announced, who will be treated.

After Karina, her best friend, she read her biography, she decided to find out what the "Aquarius" was. Then he managed to break into the prostitution network Daniel was part of she found the surprise that Benjamin, the husband of Trinidad, was an older man whose best friend remained …or at least that made us understand the last scene of this chapter with great impact.

However, after this cruel revelation, there could be an overturn that would devalue the theory we have just seen, because it has not really been confirmed in this chapter Benjamin would be this incognito character in Daniel's life.

Remember that just two months after the premiere, won the "Pacto de Sangre" award for the Best Telescope Award at Copihue de Oro, where he beat productions such as "forgive our sins," "hidden truth," "doll house," "hunting," and "if I was rich."

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