Boca Juniors rejected Conmebol's decision and threatened TAS

After Conmebol announced the takeover Libertadores Cup before the River Plate will play at the "Santiago Bernabéu" stadium in Madrid, Boca Juniors responded with a statement stating that the South American body must comply with the regulations and give the party a "secretariat won" or go to larger instances to resolve a case such as Arbitration Court for Sport (TAS).

"At the discretion of the Conmebol Disciplinary Court, Boca Juniors says he does not have the same arguments and considers this to be clearly contrary to the rules and jurisprudential precedents for which the corresponding appeals will be brought before the Conmebol Appellate Chamber and, finally, before the Arbitration Court of Sport (sic)"the club explained in his statement.

They added it due to "irrefutable evidence" of "brutal assault" that the team suffered as they moved to Monumental de Núñez on 24 November to play the final, "there is no other sanction than is required in our presentations"

"The main objective of Boca Juniors is still to adhere to the Conmebol rules known to all clubs participating in the Copa Libertadores de América competition, in particular under Article 8 (1) and (2), Article 13.2 (B), (e) and (f) and Article 18 (I) of the Consepol Disciplinary Code, taking into account the severity of the conduct and the recidivism of the event organizing club, "they said.

They also added that they exhaust all the jurisdictional ways to do it.

It should be noted that the abovementioned Article 18 of the Disciplinary Regulation includes among its punishments 'deduction of points', 'total or partial closure of the stadium', "disqualification of ongoing competitions and / or exclusion from future competitions" or "license withdrawal".

Boca Juniors statement:

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