Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Cancel the outbreak of the hantavirus in Río Negro – Télam

A 38-year-old woman living in El Bolsón was transferred to the Bariloche hospital where she was hospitalized with symptoms of a likely hantavirus, and since the case concerned the situation in Epuyén in Chubut, Río Negro ruled out an outbreak in its province.

Patient studies have been sent to the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires, which decides whether this is a case of hantavirus.

The Réo Negro government media secretariat, through its website, informed that the El Bolsón hospital team has ordered the isolation of a family of patients whose members help the community meet their needs and adequately monitor health.

The patient who called for Bariloche entered the El Bolson hospital last Wednesday, but she had previously been in contact with her father when he had to be hospitalized in Esquel, Chubut, as an observed case of the hantavirus that was later expelled.

Anyway, a woman who was interned in Bariloche to accompany her father to Esquel went to a medical facility where other patients were infected. Because the woman was affected in the circumstances of the Chubut province, the website of the Rio Negro government secretariat states that until now "the possibility of an outbreak in El Bolsón" has been ruled out.

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