Friday , September 20 2019
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Carabinero is stabbed after attempting to repel the attack

AND Chief Carabineros It was sting this afternoon as he tries to repel an attack in village ECentral stations,

The united were twice stabbed, injured in the belly and chest, by entities trying to steal the species from the vehicle on Ecuador Street.

Small officer identified as Julian Eduardo López Fica and who is responsible for the pensioner of an institutional college, is in Posl. 3 and will be later transferred to the institution's hospital.

Mayor of the metropolitan area, Karla Rubilarová, she regretted the situation and explained that she was holding the uniform serious with a dedicated prognosisHe further stated that the carabiner would undergo a laparotomy to allow doctors to see if the stabbing wounds damaged some of their organs.

The Authority also confirmed that the NCO was in civilian clothes at the time he tried to repel the attack and assured that there would be cameras in place that would have been reviewed by the Prosecutor's Office.

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