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Carabinero was stabbed and tried to thwart the robbery in the main station

AND the karabinero was stabbed after trying prevent theft in the municipal station.

The action happened on the street Ruiz Tagle with Ecuador when foreigners tried to open a parked vehicle.

Older officer Julian López, was in the university retired Carabineros, who was in this corner, and after trying to defeat the attack, was attacked by one of the people with knife and chest and stomach injuries,

He was immediately transferred to Post 3 and after stabilization he was mobilized by helicopter until Carabineros Hospital, as regards the metropolitan mayor, Karla Rubilarová. It is outside the risk of life, but with serious injuries.

According to the mayor, he explained that "this carabiner, who is in other jobs, be it civilian, even goes out to help call the robbery of the vehicle." Two individuals seemed to be trying to steal him. It comes, identifies itself as a carabiner and suffers from two stables"

As the mayor explained, he undertook an operation to find out how serious his injuries were and that "at this point it is stable within its gravity"

On the other hand, the general Mario Rosas He stated that "Chief of Staff, Lopez works in the welfare department, is responsible for a university retiree where he cares about over 70 of our children, and he gives a voice of help, never lost his status as a carabiner, and went to a hell of disappointment."

"He was stabbed, moved to place 3, where he was stabilized, then given medical help and taken to Carabineros Hospital," he added.

Meanwhile, at the scene of the incident, a large-scale operation was carried out to determine the attack and whether there is a type of security camera that records the situation.

Labocar and OS9 Carabineros were in charge of the expert opinions of this case.

Witnesses have reported that the neighborhood is dangerous, there are many robberies and security is bad.

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