Carabineros officers are shot during incidents on the road between Cañete and Tirúa – National


© TVn Red Biobio Carabineros official is shot dead during incidents on the way between Cañete and Tirúa

GOPE cash, wearing a bulletproof vest, was transported by a helicopter to a local hospital. TVN


AND carabinero was shot and injured during the afternoon of this Thursday on a route linking Cañete and Tirúa, in the Biobio region.

According to preliminary information, the GOPE official was in the operation to clean up the path that is blocked in the Colo-Colo-Huentelolén sector when he hit the back of the collisions.

In cash, wearing a bulletproof vest, the helicopter was transported to a local hospital.

Meanwhile, other officers from Carabineros were injured by the bloody stones of the boleadoras.

It was provisionally stated in detail that road blockade will be caused by the rejection of the way the investigation was carried out as a result of death Camilo Catrillanca.

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