Charles Aránguiz and Marcel Día's situation in La Roja: "I'd like to play with him again" | Football

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National footballer Charles Aránguiz he recognized it I want Marcelo Díaz to be called back to the Chilean men's team, even though he felt it was the responsibility of the coach Reinaldo Rueda deciding which players are considered wages.

After playing with Bayer Leverkusen as part of the UEFA Europa League, Aránguiz spoke to Fox Sports Chile and mentioned the situation of Diaz, which was not part of the Rueda cycle, which he had already defined as preferring other alternatives in the middle of the field. on the steering wheel of the Racing Club of Argentina.

"We have a very sincere friendship with Marcel, we've been playing a lot of time together," he said, pointing to the "Prince," for the compliments Diaz had given up for his "red" performance some time ago. But then he went a little further and said it "I'd like to play with him again, and with other players like",

"Always it is better to be with players who have a good time, it's all easier, But there is a coach and he is the one who decides"He issued a leaflet that hopes to participate in other wage spending." When the date comes, first quote and then deliver the best. It's always nice to go back to the national team"

Eventually, Aranguiz referred to his future in Leverkusen. "I'm gone a year and a half, and I'm fineSo you have to take a moment and if you can continue, it's okay. If I do not have to look elsewhere, "he concluded.

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