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Check out the poster Time for the show at Fortnite – the Show Time challenge

Search poster Entertainment This is one of the challenges of a new event that has just begun at the 9th week of the Fortnite season. This is the event of Mount de espect√°culo, culminating on Saturday with the "live" performance of Marshmella in Parque Placentero (which will take about 10 minutes with electronic music).

The first of these calls requires knowledge where is the poster of the show in Fortnite, something we'll tell you in this guide, though we warn you that there are more than one and we'll update by adding the locations of all that we find …

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Check out the poster Time to show at Fortnite to finish the event call

The challenge is just asking You can find a poster on Fortnite, although there is more to the island. Once you find it, you should approach it and communicate with it (a "search" tag and a key you have to press depending on the version of the game) and … overcome the challenge.

The two that we found are the following. The first is in Parque Placentero, approximately in the middle of the zone, in the eastern part of the petrol station. You will see a map on the map

Where to find a poster show of a thriving, pleasant park

And here is the exact point to make it easier for you to find,

where is the poster of the show in Fortnite

The other is in Latifundio Lettal, again approximately in the middle of the area, in the east, in a large barn. We mark it on the map:

Where can we find the show time strength mark

And here below, the exact area in the game.

where is the poster of the show in Fortnite

And that is the reward for its completion:

look at the poster Time to reward Fortnite

You know now how to finish looking for a poster Time to point to Fortnite, the challenge of the new Event Time show. If you need more help with Season 7 games, you can see how to get more XP and fast up to 7 tips and tricks to take advantage of all the news of the season 7, discover 50 tricks to help you win the best season 7 games 2019), or the best Creative Mode maps (and codes to access them).

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