Chile under 20 years ended up against Paraguay

The Roja Sub 20 continues to prepare for another South AmericaAt a later meeting in Rancagua in the match with Paraguay he scored 0: 0.

From the beginning Chile began to send the ball and tried to break the Iron Guard's defenses. Matías Sepúlveda and Nico Guerra tried to assert their abilities against physical strength and a rock game of visit. Shortly after, citizens have arrived. Tomas Alarcón was close to 19 ". In 29th Matías Meneses goalkeeper Goalkeeper Miers failed and unbelievably failed in the definition. Carlos Villanueva was ten minutes from the end of the first half.

In the second half Albirroja was encouraged and left the field. Meneses and Diego Urzúa were those who were most popular with Chile85 minutes in, Diego Valencia was unable to make the score 1 – 0 after an attack from the left set him up unmarked in front of the keeper.

El Monday, November 19, the runner will again face Paraguay behind the closed door, this time in Santiago.

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