Christmas comes and Apple surprises us with the new announcement

The apple company invites us to warm the engines for coming Christmas, and he did it by sharing one of his iconic Christmas ads, many of which have received awards and recognition in previous years. This year's video titled "Share your gifts", is a three-minute animated clip with a soundtrack from 16-year-old composer Billie Eilish.

The ad tells the story of a girl who writes music and keeps her creations secret until the dog releases her after the accident. The aim of this clip is Encourage iPad and Mac users to share their creativity with others.

But this is not the only innovation shared by Cupertino. In recent hours, Apple has released a video behind the scenes which highlights the creation of the "Share Your Gifts",

Apple products and creativity

In addition to these two videos, Apple also released two clips telling the story of two people using their products to create. One of them is Billie Eilish, who says how he uses his iMac and his iPhone to create new music.

The apple's latest announcement shows the situation of Deborah Cruchon, who tells how history is doing with his MacBook Pro. If he does not see them, we'll invite them to look at him.

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