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Diana Bolocco resigned and stepped up unexpectedly to Canal 13 Glamorama

Author: C. F. / November 30, 2018

The end of the year is one of the biggest tremors in the television industry. This time one of the blows is given by Diana Bolocco.

As the publisher said today, the animator walked away from Channel 13. The site said, based on sources outside the record, the following:

"Bolocco never felt comfortable with the new entertainment manager after leaving Carlo Caca Monta, and after learning from the press, Bolocco would not be part of the new season of Master Chef.

"Diana and several other faces of the channel have a keen eye on the ability of Marcos Briss to lead the entertainment area because he is a producer who does not have good results in his curriculum and did not have great projects.

Resources related to the television industry confirm Glamorama that a 41-year-old driver has used the "windows" in her current contract with Channel 13, which takes a long time to prematurely terminate an agreement with the TV station.

The word "window" refers to a Bolocco contract clause that, if it was not satisfied with Channel 13, it had a certain number of days at the end of the year asking for its early departure from the station without having to pay any penalty.

Diane's decision would be irreversible, despite Channel 13's attempts to believe it would remain.

The journalist began her career on a small screen at this television station in the second half of 2006. She immediately left the stage and in February 2007 she was nominated and received the scepter of the Queen of the Vineyard Festival.

Younger sister Cecilia Bolocco quickly got her seat and became the most important woman on Channel 13 along with Tonka Tomicic.

This morning, in a very good morning, Cristian Sánchez explained that his wife's decision must accept new challenges. The panel also mentioned the breakup of the team led by Caco Montt, whom they occupied and with whom Diana grew and developed.

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