Sunday , June 16 2019
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Dollar in Chile today

The exchange rate ended at $ 672.8, an increase of $ 3.3 compared to yesterday's price.

After a sharp fall, which was recorded yesterday, the dollar in Chile recorded a reflection, while investors are looking forward to a meeting that will have presidents of China and the United States this weekend in Argentina.

Exchange rate the day ended at $ 672.8, an increase of $ 3.3 versus yesterday's price.

This makes the local currency market consistent with what is happening abroad. That is, the international quotation of the North American currency – measured by the dollar index, which contrasts with the basket of currencies – will increase by 0.43% after two days of fall.

In this context and after the general gains recorded in this asset class yesterday, the emerging currencies are being corrected en bloc at this time. With some exceptions, all major currencies in the segment are losing the dollar.

Of course, the event that all eyes are on the market is a meeting this weekend with US presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping from China.

The protagonists of the commercial war, who had risky assets in a villa in 2018, will be linked to Buenos Aires within the G20 and market agents will pay close attention to any announcements made in business matters.

If the highly-anticipated case sheds light on the rise in customs conflicts between the two largest economies in the world, the dollar could see a new impetus. Conversely, the ceasefire signs would allow growth of emerging currencies.

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